Want a daily rider that you can also hit the trails with? Trek‘s Marlin 5 is perfect for adventures, on and off the trails.

This bike is an affordable go-to for new trail riders, or if you’re looking for a good all-rounder bike. Great for the commute and you also have the option if you “just happen” to come across some tracks too.

Suspension fork – 21 speeds – Mounts for a rack & kickstand

This bike keeps it simple to start out with and gives a solid foundation to build from when you want to customise and make it your own (I know a good bike place that can help you out with that…just saying!).

Word of warning – if you’re thinking you’ll be able to send it like Evil Kanievil on this bike, think again. This is the take it easy, learn to stay upright on your tracks and maybe add in a couple small bounds off the rocks kinda bike. Learn to crawl before you walk, champ!

Orange Marlin 5 in sunshine