Get the best of the best working on your bike

Our boys Cam, Max and Michael in the bike service section have the skills, experience and knowledge to get the best out of your bike. We recommend a full service every 12 months and a minor check up each change of season.

Experience and Advice

We know bikes because we love it!

Our team is handpicked for their knowledge, passion and experience in the service and repairs industry.

Fixing (most) bail outs

Of course there are those moments when you have to choose to bail – when the bike hits a tree or a rock and since then, things are perhaps not as smooth riding as they once were! Come see us and we can repair (most) bail outs so you’ll be back on the trails.

Back In 48 Hours

Our expert technicians want to keep you on the road or the trails. We do our utmost to get your bike back to you in 48 hours. (Please note, this timeframe is subject to parts supply)


Get Back On Tracks